Tabular processor for X-ray diffractometry RTP


The program RTP is intended for the specialists in the area of X-ray analysis of crystal materials in various directions of science and technology. It allows to calculate the crystal lattice parameters (lattice constants) for syngonies from cubic to triclinic and also allows to calculate the reflexes positions for known parameters and diffraction indices. In addition, it has an indexing feature determination the indices using shuffle technique for lattices up to monoclinic with unknown parameters, if the assumptions of lattice type and possible limits on indices and parameters exist. The program is developed (by historical reasons) as a console application for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

The screen of program RTP 4.0
The screen of the program RTP 4.0

Technical characteristics

Examples of calculations


The main archive contains the version of the program for Win32 console (RTP32.EXE, RTP.HTM, RTP.INI, RTPWL.INI). Another archive includes the test examples, which contain the tables of diffraction lines of various samples or the data taken from PDF for calculation the parameters; examples are especially useful to understand the indexing process. The program has a context help in HTML format.

Attention! The initial screen colours of Windows console are significantly different from colours shown on the screenshot, because of issue of default console palette. The file console.reg contains the fixed palette which is similar to original palette in DOS. You are advised to add its content to Registry by double-click (palette is per-user setting).

namesizewhat contains
rtp32.cab67 705 RTP 4.2 for Win32, build 1.02.2014
samples.cab5 490 examples of calculations

Remark: you can unpack the cab archives using the Windows Explorer or the program extract.exe.

System requirements

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Recommended settings for Windows console:
Screen buffer size - 80x25 (supported up to 80x50)
Font - Lucida Console 16...20; raster 8x12, 10x18.